Welcome to LoveBase™ !

LoveBase™ is a sex-positive, body-friendly space, in which we create a loving and safe atmosphere. Our workshops and events are practical, clear and down-to-earth - free from porno clichés, kitsch and incense sticks!

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New in Berlin -
a "School" for Love and Sexuality

Yella Cremer, Leiterin der LoveBase™LoveBase™ offers a heart-based and holistic approach to love and sexuality, whilst being practical, clear and down-to-earth - free from porno clichés, kitsch and incense sticks!

We create a loving and respectful atmosphere in which our participants experience the potential of love and sexuality in its most positive sense. In all of our events certain house rules apply - such as „touch requires permission“ and "Yes, means Yes, No means No". These choices are always respected!

People who come to the LoveBase™ can learn in a safe environment – for example going on a G-spot journey, sex toy safari,  mastering multiple orgasm or discovering the clitoris.

LoveBase™ seminar room Couples of all persuasions are able to develop a comprehensive relationship "toolbox" - learning new ways to lovingly relate and communicate each other’s deepest truth, whilst cultivating feminine and masculine qualities. We also offer exciting new events such as body-art, naked yoga and opportunities to experiment with erotic photography, either as subject or as photographer.

Our LoveLabs™ are compact, intense evening events of 3 hours‘ duration, each with a special focus or theme such as Orgasmic Meditation™, „Sex and Food“, or „Blind Experience“ – a type of blindfolded cuddle party. The LoveLabs™  are experimental spaces where you can experiment and observe yourself as you venture into unchartered territory, whilst learning to set and respect your own and other’s boundaries.

We consider LoveBase™ to be a movement as well as workshop centre. We support people in exploring and researching the full potential of their sexual power - setting this free as a vital source of energy which can be harnessed in our daily lives and especially in our creativity, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Nevertheless, it of course requires courage and curiosity to come to the LoveBase™!

We encourage people to bring their fear, shame and doubts with them - to develop greater awareness and to gain new perspectives which in turn promote personal growth.

Participants know themselves better than anyone else. Each person can choose an event in the LoveBase™, selecting from either one, two or three chili peppers, which indicate the level of explicitness [click here for more info]. If you require support in choosing the right event for you, you are welcome to contact us.

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